Zebra Rock Schools Future Stars

Zebra Future Stars


Zebra Future Stars 6-12 yrs old

1 Weekly Group Lesson 45 minutes per week
Intro to Rock music program is designed for kids 6 to 12 year olds it is a primer for starting their musical journey.

Zebra Rock School music programs teach the a pathway to musical proficiency adheres to Zebra Music Central’s philosophy is based on continuing music education that is consistent so students can gain musical proficiency. Our students have one weekly group music lesson where they learn music fundamentals like chords, rhythm and song structure. Kids get to learn and experiment with multiple instruments so they are then able to decide which one they ultimately want to continue purse. By letting the kids have input they are more likely to follow thru on their chosen instrument. This four week course then continues with private lessons and our Zebra Music Central Live Performance program.

Zebra Rock School Future Stars Group Class 

Thursdays 4:30  pm

$99.00 per month

Zebra Future Stars 6-12 yrs old

Private Lessons 50 minutes Weekly

Pick Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Drums, Ukulele, Sax and or Vocals. 

$99 per month just lessons.

$220 per month with Live Performance Program 

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