Music Workshops

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Song Writing

Intro to Song Writing

Song Writing 101

Advance Sound Lab Songwriting

2hr Sessions $60.00

I want to Write Songs

Music Theory

Music Theory for Kids 5-12 yrs Old

Music Theory 101

Music Theory 1

Music Theory 2

Music Theory  3

Advanced  Music Theory

2 hr Session $60.00

Let's Learn Theory!

Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering 101 4 hr Beginning Class

Sound Engineering and Production 1, 2, 3, 4

4 hr Sessions $185.00 each


4 hr Workshop

I am ready to rock the studio

DIY Musicians Workshops

Band as a Business

How to Leverage Social Media

DIY Musicians  Guide to the  Digital Age

Booking and Touring

Part 1: 4hr Workshop $150.00

Part 2: 4hr Workshop $150.00

Let's Get My Band on Track!

A & R Get your Band Ready

Band Imaging


Preparing for Recording  Sessions

Photos and Video 

Booking and Filling Venues

4 hr Session $120.00

Let's Do This!