Zebra Rock School Little Rockers

Little Rockers Group Lessons

Where do they start out ...

Zebra Music Central Little Rockers program teaches your 4-7 yr old children the fundamentals of music and social skills through engaging musical activities, that build skills important for a lifetime of success. With the added bonus they learn teamwork, work on attention span, memory and imagination.  Your child gets to handle and play many different instruments so we can start to spark an interest in a direction they might want to follow. These group classes foster social interaction in a safe environment.  Following this group class they can start private lessons.

Group Classes run for 4 weeks

Little Rockers 1 Tuesdays 4:30 pm

Little Rockers 2 Weds. 4:30 pm

45 minute classes

$99.00 per month

Lets Rock!

Little Rockers Private Lessons for kids ready to Advance

Zebra Music Central Little Rockers Private Lessons. After your child has chosen their instrument of choice they learn about the instrument and how to care for it. Your child can pick out a song they want to learn and the teacher will break it down to simple parts that they can go home learning the very first day. Our methods make a fun way to learn Music Theory and hands on playing.

Little Rockers Private Lessons

45 minute Classes 

Once a Week

$150 per Month

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